Course description

This class is organized around three emphasis areas:

Civic and cultural implications: Students will study the impact of integrated journalism on politics, community structure and decision making.

Skills: Students will study and execute journalism practices across platforms including reporting, editing, Web page building, photo and video shooting and tagging.

Project: Students will produce a class project that applies skills and generates interaction with targeted audiences.


Because the field of integrated journalism is changing rapidly, much of the source material will be derived from case studies and symposiums, particularly work published by the Knight Foundation MediaShift Idea Lab.

Journalism 2.0, By Mark Brigg. A guide to essential interactive skills.

Guest speakers: A series of professional journalists, media business and government leaders will participate in discussions about the impact of contemporary journalism within their disciplines.


Your success in this class relies on…

  • Class preparation: Completing assigned tasks and bringing new information that launches interesting discussions.
  • Classroom participation: Initiating discussions of your own research and projects and collaboratively participating in discussions initiated by others.
  • Journalism: Traditional journalism rules apply. Clean copy. Multiple sourcing. Innovative presentation. Disclosing new stuff.
  • Project: Completion of a group project that discloses new information and engages an audience.

How to succeed: Create ethical journalism. Engage an audience. Help the whole class do better.

How to fail: Skip classes. Blow off assignments. Wait for others to take leadership.


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