Wednesday April 21 class

This just in: Tribune finds another victim of Deadbeat Illinois.

Today, we will:

  • Assess reporting progress
  • Edit and post finished content including your Web reporting rewrites, field interviews and images
  • Plan for video. Interviews and other options
  • Define our categories
  • Establish assignments due April 26.

Reminder: Do not post to the project Web site until content has been reviewed by class and edited.

Reporting plan so far

Merritt:Public safety impact

Illinois DOC representative interview for Tuesday

Mary Davis home contact: Rod Cleaire, 1:30 p.m. Tuesday

Galesburg Police Chief Christiansen. 3 p.m. Weds.

Andrew: Human services impact; Sandburg college impact

Jim Rich, Sandburg Dean of adult and development education

Knox Human Services Council list: Direct contact with service providers and clients.

PASS, Monmouth Program.

Ryan: Abingdon schools; tax liens

Abingdon impact: $112,937 in transportation, special ed.

Contact music and language teachers and students. ID students sharing instruments.

Courthouse tax liens: Identify and contact individuals who owe Illinois money.

Amanda: Knoxville schools:, Carver Center

Knoxville schools: Five retiring: What subjects involved? How covered? Impact on students?

Carver Center: Contact staff and clients and identify impact of payment delays.

Sarah: Galesburg schools; city hospitals

Galesburg asst super finance and operations: Guy Cahill: assuming state won’t make good on all debts.

School identifies how deep they will cut; draws a line. Contact employees on either side of that line.

Emphasis on job retention.

Are private pre-schools benefiting from Illinois’ delayed payments?


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