Reporting time!

Terrific work Wednesday night. Now the fun part begins!

Andrew Merritt: Please review, then follow up directly with me with questions.

Our goal is first story drafts due in class Monday. Page built and live on Wednesday, April 21.


Now comes your shoe-leather reporting. (Rubber soles or sandals are OK, too.)

Initially, we divided up coverage areas among affected agencies: Schools, law enforcement, medical, etc.

Our site’s mission is to capture the personal impacts of Illinois’ decision to delay due payments. You’ll need to understand the big picture at each agency. But the mission of this site is to bring real people’s faces, stories, quotes, hopes, aspirations, fears, etc., into this.

Attached is a spreadsheet of the Senate Democrats PDF of late school district bills. Search for your school district to quantify specific cuts, allowing you to form specific questions.

For all interviews

  • Obtain contact info for individuals – students, faculty and staff — directly affected by the cuts you learn about.
  • Share your contact information: Your phoner and e-mail and our class Website address:
  • Explain this is a Knox journalism project focusing on Illinois’ delayed payments. Information will be shared through this Web site beginning April 21.
  • Don’t just interview; establish a relationship so these sources keep you posted on continuing impacts.
  • Have people at each agency quantify cuts due primarily to Illinois’ delayed payments.
  • Ask them: What data do you have to help me understand affect?
  • Interview and obtain images of as many individuals as possible.
Due Monday:
1. Drafts of first people interview story w/ photos. 200 to 500 words.
2. List of contacts and phoners for subsequent stories.
3. List of further story ideas you develop from reporting.
3. Your bio and mug to Andrew Polk for building the About page.

Initial beat coverage areas


Carver Center, provides service to low income residents.

Knoxville school district


Galesburg school district

Galesburg hospitals: Cottage and St. Mary


Abindgon school district

Spreadsheet on education cuts: Crunch attached spreadsheets to see which funds statewide are being withheld.

Tax liens


Law enforcement: Prison, state troopers, Mary Davis Home

Compile and post links to related stories

Edit and post bios and mugs to ABOUT page.


Law enforcement: Prison, state troopers, Mary Davis home

Compile pertinent links

Appeal for readers to participate

Remaining regional school districts





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