Deadbeat Illinois

Our class reporting project will identify individuals left hanging by the State of Illinois’ decision to defer its debts to its residents, governments, schools, hospitals and vendors.

You will find real people stuck in this lurch, and investigate the impact on their lives.

You will aggregate the best reporting on this issue.

You will investigate what happens to Illinoisans who are just as late with their payments to the state.

Your reporting will fuel the discussion anticipated when the General Assembly reconvenes May 1.

Assignment for Wednesday, April 14

Research: Everyone. Get smart on Illinois bill payment dilemma.

Story suggestions: Everyone. Present two specific, actionable, shoe-leather reporting ideas. Identify potential sources by name and title.

Bios: Everyone. Up to 100 words, w/ headshot and e-mail address..

Interaction: Everyone. Identify three existing journalism sites that provide compatible information and/or could be helpful with a Web partnership.

Process: Every project has roles. In this, all will be reporters and photographers. . Some will be designers. Some will be editors. Some will be marketers. What are your preferences?

Project name: Everyone. Two project title nominations.

Among our first brainstorms…




Where’s the beef?

Where’s my cash?

Where’s the money

I’m sorry, you wanted money?

IO ME: Illinois owes me

Deadbeat Illinois

Pay us so we can horde it

Pay up, Illinois!

Cough it up ydb

State of #&!@*!!

Land of Lincoln bankruptcy

Corn & corruption

Past due

When will I get paid?



2 Responses


    Or google: Illinois budget crisis (TONS of information)

  2. Another couple of good ones: – offers information and proposed solutions to the crisis. – state budget office, official information, varying levels of spin.

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